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EVLTESAND GT-210H - Microfono Wireless \n \nReceiver Characteristic \n·Digital series true diversity receiver. High-quality true diversity reception \n·It have ID encryption,without interference,auto frequency selection and have \nintelligent feedback,use safety. \n·Up to 100 programmable receiving frequencies \n·LCD display for frequency, RF and AF level \n·Absolutely reliable transmission \n·Suitable for multi-channel applications \n·Infrard link automatically synchronizes the transmitter and receiver \n·Pilot tone & Variable RF level threshold" dual-squelch circuit prevents interferences \n·Transmitter "Lock-on" mode avoids accidental turn off power but can mute audio \n \nReceiver Specification \nReceiving Method:True Diversity \nCarrier Frequency Range:UHF 740-790MHz \nChannels:100(One Channel) \nSensitivity:6dBμV at S/N > 80dB \nBand Width:25MHz \nFrequency Stability:+0.005% \nPeak Deviation:60KHz \nFrequency Response:70Hz-18KHz \nT.H.D.:<0.5% @ 1KHz \nS/N Ratio:105 dB \nIF:110MHZ,10.7MHZ \nAudio Outputs:XLR-3M 1V/600Ω 6.3MMTRS 0.5V/5KΩ \nOperation Voltage:DC 11-16V \nCurrent Drain:160mA \nOperating range:300M \nSize:215(W) x 44(H) x 180(L)mm \nPacking size:350(W) x 90(H) x 300(L)mm \n \n \n \nVS2 Wireless hand-held transmitter \nWireless Transmitter Characteristic \n·Bandwidth adjustable circuit, bandwidth of RF up to 25MHz(100 frequencies). It receive the ID from the receiver and can totally resolve the frequency babble problem, special suit to use in the big quantity perform. \n·It has High/Low transmit power switch, can be use in difference perform. \n·It has『ACT』auto channel lockup key, transmit auto lock the work channel of receiver. \n·With LCD display on the body to show working frequency and battery life. \n \nSpecification \nBody material:Alloy zinc \nSurge mode:PLL phase lock frequency compose \nCarrier wave frequency:UHF 500-950MHz (standard 740-790MHz) \nFrequency adjust:Auto-locked receiver working channel \nOutput power:(High)30mW / (Low)3mW \nHarmonious wave radiancy:<-55dBC \nMax excursion:±68KHz \nDirectionality:Cardioid Dynamic \nOperation display:LCD display battery capacitance, channel and low-voltage warning \nMax cover range: 300M \nChi ha acquistato questo prodotto ha visitato anche questa categoria. \nPer ulteriori informazioni consulta il sito ufficiale. \n \n
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